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Grip on data

Achieving both quality as agility

How to establish grip on data while keeping up the increasing quality and agility demands ?
We combine the in-depth knowlegde of data management processes with data architecture and construct the information delivery process based on modelling the data and make it accessible for OLAP or OLTP usage.

Datamanagement and Data Architecture

Interested in finding out how a well designed data management organization can support your data driven future ?
Get introduced through our data management board game and find out where your opportunities for improvement exists.

Data modeling

A model driven data platform increase the need for qualitative modelling. We provide on-site and off-site consultancy, as well as training and templates. Combined with our unique model driven datafactory, the model driven journey can start immediately.


Our model driven datafactory is named i-refactory. This factory ensures full orchestration by datamodels and automates the underlying process of transformation and provisioning data to OLAP or OLTP applications. The factory is scaleable, highly standardized, can run autonomuous and can be integrated in your landscape using API’s.