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Model Driven Datafactory

We close the semantic and dataprocessing gap.



While most modern architectures include a Logical Datamodel, the set-up and maintenance of a logical datamodel is in most companies not common. Even when it is common, the data model is maintained disconnected from the physical steps in the information delivery process. We combine our modeling expertise with our model driven factory, to let your logical datamodel master the underlying information delivery process. We guarantee that your logical datamodel is represented exactly as you designed it, since we transform your model into a complete, robust, auditable and self servicing datafactory … our i-refactory.
We combine modeling techniques such as Fact Based Modeling, with more technical techniques such as anchor modeling, 3NF, dimensional and more…. We believe the modeling technique should support the information delivery process and is not a goal on it’s own.



By putting the logical datamodel centric and clearly recoding the logical models of the delivering and consuming tenants as well as their interdependencies, we have enough input to fully automate the process of making data audit-able and available for usage in a wide variety of visualization solutions.



The internal and external controls constantly increase their requirements for traceability in how your information system produced reports and statistics. To be ready to address those requirements, we offer traceability on record level, full horizontal lineage is provided as well as vertical lineage from your business glossary to the physical datamodel that is made available in your database of choice.

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